Washington Little Guy Wrestling League

Nov 2, 2021

   My heart is severed today as I heard that one of the prominent members of our wrestling family and league has left us. 

   Tim Goad, the gruff but colorful coach from the Springdale club was with his football team last night in the locker room where he died of a heart attack.  Tim was Mr, Everything to the town and community of Springdale and would do and did do everything for everyone, especially the kids. His rough exterior and “gravelly” voice could never mask the big and soft heart he had for those kids under his guidance and care. Tim has been a coach with the WLGW League for many, many years and will be missed in many ways. 

   I wish to give my condolences to Tim’s immediate family and to all the young lives he touched for so many freely given years. He was a very, very special person and there is now a void that can never be filled.  My sincere hope is that those from the Springdale community will rise up and collectively bear the load that Tim carried so willingly on those big shoulders.

   As your President I feel such a personal loss and am so saddened by his passing. Now I can only live with the multitude of great memories I have and will always have of one of my friends, fellow coaches and fellow Warriors. Farewell to you Tim Goad and I will see you in Heaven someday where I know you’ll be face down on a wrestling mat with many, many kids that love you, are laughing and crawling all over you because they know how much you love them.  

Through my tears and with a heavy heart.   
Wayne E. Terry
Washington Little Guy Wrestling League President
Aug 13, 2021

 Our hearts are saddened with the news of the passing of Ruben Martinez, the legendary wrestling coach from Othello, Wash. 

 Ruben coached the Othello High School wrestling team for many, many years and was very successful.  He always produced a team of intense warriors that demanded the respect of every opponent.
 After his retirement he coached and helped coach some of the kids in the Washington Little Guy Wrestling League.  He was a TRUE WRESTLER in his body, heart and mind and  Ruben LIVED wrestling and made those around him live it too.  
 Ruben will be missed as a fellow wrestler, coach and friend. All of us; his wrestling family wish him a celebrated last walk off the mat and onto the eternal podium.  You’re a true Champion, my friend.  May GOD bless you.   
                                                           Wayne E Terry
                             Washington Little Guy Wrestling League President



In respect to the health experts that are advocating social distancing to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, we have decided to suspend competition for the remainder of the 2020 season.