Writing a Good Masters’ Essay

Writing a Good Masters’ Essay

An essay is a short form of a literary composition based on a single subject matter which provides the author’s personal argument. Essays can be written for different purposes. A good masters’ essay should capture all the five senses of the reader through a convincing way that involves a well-organized content. Consequently, it should have a flow, coherent, and logical with clear and concise introduction, conclusion, and well-organized paragraphs that make up the body. Writers from online service Essay Basics suggest that qualities of a good masters’ essay as explicated in this essay include a good mastery of content, thought independence, originality, proper research skills and expertise, academic professionalism and registry, neat presentation, and a compelling introduction and conclusion.

It should be noted that a good masters’ essay ought to show mastery of content while making reference to current affairs, trends, and theories in relation to the topic being discussed. Notably, the mastery of content should be able to capture the attention of the reader. Additionally, the essay should clearly and coherently bring out the independence of thoughts. That is to say, the ideas of the writer in the analysis and evaluation of the essay should unveil proper understanding and interpretation of the subject matter and a flow of ideas in a unique and ingenious manner. Further, a good masters’ essay should have substantial originality. The main aspect behind this is to show confidence in the perceptivity of the writer’s intelligence. It is imperative to have the foundations laid by mastering the elements which are not original or lack imaginativeness and giving these elements a new and unique perspective.

Equally important, a good masters’ essay ought to show good research skills. Unlike undergraduate essays, masters’ essay requires a lot of research. Depending on the lecturer’s notes alone limits one’s research sources and hence unable to score a good grade. Therefore the writer should clearly demonstrate their ability to utilize good research skills in gathering different types of relevant information from numerous sources that include internet, library books, and journals among others. In addition, writing a good masters’ essay requires one to operate within the academic conventions. This is through acknowledging borrowed ideas and proper referencing. Minor errors can interfere with the credibility of one’s work; therefore, coming up with a good masters’ essay requires utilizing a higher level of diligence.

Also important is adhering to the academic register. What distinguishes a good masters’ essay from an average undergraduate essay is the style and tone. This should however pay attentions to punctuation and proper use of grammar as well as spellings. For a masters essay to qualify as good, it should adhere to the academic register, which entails precision of the subject matter, understanding of the diction that is specific to the subject, and avoiding use of the first person inappropriately. On another note, a good masters’ essay ought to be neatly presented. This can be achieved through highlighting of key points and paying attention to important aspects in the work for the sake of demonstrating scholarly professionalism

Besides, the writer should work towards a robust and compelling conclusion. In other words, the conclusion needs to be believable, reasonable, and credible enough to earn a good grade.  Therefore requires one to proofread his or her work before submission in a bid to identify any deviations or errors and making necessary corrections respectively. This helps one to tell if their essay will be appealing to the reader or not.

In a nutshell, a good masters’ essay should have such elements as good mastery of content, independence of thought, substantial originality, good research skills, operating within academic conventions, academic register, neat presentation, and having a compelling conclusion. All these elements play a key role in the general presentation of a good masters’ essay and also depict a clear structure which make it easy to understand.

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