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    1. USA Wrestling has set brackets for each weight. Tournaments in this league are typically much bigger and to put through everybody we have smaller weight brackets determined the morning of the matches. Some brackets will only be one pound difference, while others could go up to a 5 lbs difference between lightest and heaviest wrestlers in an 8 man bracket

    1. We are seeing a large increase in girls that would like to learn the sport of wrestling. Up until this year they have had to compete against the boys due to lack of numbers. However, the coaches in the league have seen a need to hold a few tournaments just for the girls. To encourage the opportunity, we have 4 tournaments where the host will have one dedicate mat for a girls tournament. These are noted on the website in the tournament page and all girls that are registered with a club in the league are invited to participate. There is also a girls only tournament in Mattawa on April 14th.

      2018 is a test year for having separate female tournaments.

      1. So if our club is registered, but not at a tournament with girls mats, we are able to go to where they will have girl mats?

      2. In an effort to increase girls interest in the sport of wrestling, we have designated one tournament each week that will do their best to have all girl brackets. Any Girls registered with WLGWL can attend these tournaments regardless of where their club is scheduled to wrestle.

  1. With all the school closures and no practices shouldn’t the season be pushed back at least 1 week. Some of these kids have had almost no practices. Especially the younger age groups. Isnt their a required amount of practices?

    1. Preparation is always a safety concern that each club should evaluate, However, not all clubs across Washington have been affective by the weather so to push out all the tournaments would not be advantageous to the league. If coaches feel their wrestlers are not prepared for a tournament I would suggest that they skip the first tournament in order to properly prepare.

  2. i would like some clarification on kids crying to get off there back by ref stoppage. what points should be awarded. thanks

    1. If the referee stopped the match because he thought that it was a potentially dangerous situation, then no additional points would be awarded. If however, the match was stopped because the referee felt the wrestler was hurt or in “distress” (Crying), then there would be an extra point added to the near fall. It is strictly a judgment call made by the official at the time it happens.

  3. I would like to voice some concerns about the last tournament that we attended. There was obvious choking being done by my sons opponent and the referee, the head ref and the table help all told us that it was not happening. This was not the only incident that we noticed at the tournament. There was an usually high number of injuries. We did not feel that the refs where stopping the matches when there was a potentially dangerous situation. Please let me know who I can talk to about this.

    1. If you have questions about moves and rules in wrestling, please contact your clubs coach’s for further information and/or clarification. If there is some additional concern at a tournament, you and your coach should address this with the tournament host. Your coach will have additional access to the league representatives at each tournament or to contact the league officials if the issue could not be resolved at the local level.

    1. High School is considered as a registered high school by the state. If the 9th grade resides at the Jr. High, then the wrestler is not considered to be in high school. The age restriction still applies.

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